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We are a landscape partnership project

Peregrini is a landscape partnership project made up of community, voluntary and public sector organisations working on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and shore side landscape of North Northumberland.

The project has received £1.8m funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund and is part of their national Landscape Partnership Programme. Our vision for the scheme is that through partnership, Peregrini will protect, restore, enhance and manage this special place as one environment.


Our six main aims

  1. Involve and give people skills to participate fully in the conservation, management, operation and celebration of landscape heritage.
  2. Protect, restore and enhance the landscape, centred on shared inter- tidal waters, bringing the main land and island together within their marine setting.
  3. The links between land, sea and shore, landscapes and historic features are presented and promoted to increase knowledge and assist economic regeneration.
  4. Access to the landscape for recreation and appreciation is enhanced for as wide an audience as possible whilst being sensitive to the pressures this creates.
  5. Weave the various strands of heritage into the creation of one community-led archive and holistic website.
  6. As a Partnership, develop and improve agency working in the area to promote better management of heritage including plans for future management and maintenance of PLLPS sites and assets.

In this section

Developing Peregrini

Developing Peregrini

Unrivalled local knowledge of the Peregrini Lindisfarne area.


The past, present and future of the scheme.


There are four main objectives of the scheme.
Partners & Funding

Partners & Funding

Working with local people and organisations.

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The Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership Scheme is managed by a Partnership of professional and community representatives from Holy Island and surrounding shore side area. The lead organisation for the Scheme is the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership, hosted by Northumberland County Council.