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Write-up from Whitton Willow Plot

17 January 2017
By Sarah Winlow
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Image for Writeup from Whitton Willow Plot

Super day on Saturday when Peregrini volunteers joined members of the Northumbria Basketry Group at their willow plot to complete the winter 2016/2017 harvest. Much of the willow used at the Peregrini willow workshops between now and June will have come from the Whitton Willow Plot.

A handful of Peregrini volunteers joined the Northumbria Basketry Group to cut, sort and bundle three varieties of willow. With twelve pairs of hands, we made light work of the remaining stands of willow, under a wintry but constantly sunny sky.

Alan Winlow, chair of the NBG, gave an informative (and tasty!) talk about willow and its cultivation, providing a perfect introduction and background information for the first willow weaving workshop on the 21st of January. Tasty as - did you know? - a certain type of willow bark, when chewed, creates the taste of rose turkish delight!

The willow workshop on the 21st is now fully booked but do drop into the Holy Island Village Hall on Saturday afternoon if you'd like to see the first sculpture for the Lindisfarne Nature Trail take form. The second willow workshop will take place on the 25th of February - do get in touch if you'd like to book a place. 

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